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Court Awards Sole Custody to Meyers Law Group Client

Recently, the Meyers Law Group represented a client who was seeking sole child custody of her two children, ages two and four, in the state of New York. Prior to the working with the Long Island family law attorneys at our office, the client and her spouse did not have a permanent child custody arrangement in place and were unable to reach a resolution, so the legal matter advanced and a hearing was held.

As always, when a child custody case progresses to the point where a hearing is required, the court must rule in the best interests of the child as stipulated by law. This means that the court must consider such factors as a parent's ability to provide guidance to the child, financial status, living arrangement and when the child is old enough, the child's preference. In this case, the children were too young to state their preference.

Upon reviewing the case and listening to allegations from both parties, the court decided to award sole child custody to our client as it was determined that such an arrangement would meet the best interests of the children. The court also awarded visitation to the father so that he could continue to have a relationship with both of his children.

The Meyers Law Group is very pleased with the outcome of this case and feels that a decision was made that will benefit the long-term well-being of the children involved. If you are currently going through a child custody dispute, we encourage you to contact a Long Island child custody lawyer from our law office now as an attorney from our firm can listen to your side of the story and help you take appropriate legal action to protect your children.