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Navigating the Courtroom During Your Divorce

Those about to go through a divorce procedure in New York will have to appear in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. It is common for clients to have no courtroom experience and feel intimidated at the notion of appearing before the judge and adhering to rules and procedures that they may not be familiar with.

While it is likely that it will not have a significant bearing on your case, how you appear and conduct yourself in the courtroom is still important. Clients who look and act as if they are taking their case seriously and respecting the court process not only will be appreciated by the judge, but will make resolving this difficult time easier and swifter.

Our firm is happy to provide a few basic tips for appearing in court:


  • Men: suits or business casual is strongly recommended. Wear shoes instead of sneakers. Keep long or facial hair trimmed and neat.
  • Women: pantsuits or business casual is strongly recommended. Shoes and hair styles should be kept conservative. Excessive make-up is not necessary.
  • If it is possible to cover tattoos, it is recommended that you do.
  • Excess jewelry is frowned upon. A watch or a modest necklace is okay.
  • Bright colors should be avoided.
  • Cologne or perfume is not necessary.
  • No hats should be worn in the courtroom.


  • Do everything you can to ensure that you are early for your hearing. Account for parking and traffic when planning your commute. Being late can negatively affect your case.
  • Turn off your phone or any other personal devices.
  • Remove noisy items (like loose change) from your pockets.
  • Gum or other snacks should not be taken into the courtroom.
  • Be alert. Pay attention to who is speaking at all times.
  • Do not talk until prompted. Interrupting is not allowed.
  • When addressing the judge, use "your honor."
  • Be cordial. Court is naturally confrontational. Stay polite to all parties.

Have more questions? Your Long Island divorce lawyer should be helping you prepare to make each divorce court appearance go as smoothly as possible.

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