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When you need legal representation for a real estate, wills & trusts or estate matter in Long Island, it is important for you to seek the most experienced and reliable help. At our Huntington law office, a team of attorneys works diligently to help families all across Long Island and the surrounding communities with all matters relating to real estate. We understand in extreme detail the specifics of the laws surrounding wills, trusts and estates, and we strongly advise you and your family to consider drawing up a will in the near future.

Should a tragedy occur to your family resulting in the death of a loved one without a will, the property will be distributed in accordance with New York law, rather than how your loved one would have wanted. As such, it is vitally important to get experienced legal help with your will.

Knowledgeable Legal Guidance

In addition to providing exceptional estate planning and litigation services, our firm is also known for our exceptional resources in real estate law. Whether you are buying or selling, it is always important to have a lawyer at your side to ensure that the transaction occurs properly.

With Long Island real estate law, it can become tricky and quite complex. Buyers and sellers both have different goals, creating tension upon the buying and selling process. Sellers are interested in cutting a profit, while buyers are generally concerned with saving as much as they can. In other cases, where individuals enter into a binding contract and disputes arise, it is always smart to have your attorney close at hand.

Despite the legal situation you are currently dealing with, it is always strongly urged to have a skilled advocate by your side. Call our office today to take advantage of our confidential case evaluation.